Title: The Night I Drove Alone
Artist: Citizen
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Moraine Lake, Canada | Jason Bourgeois

Title: Holland, 1945 (Cover)
Artist: Me
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Michael Myers by tbeistel


i had those lyrics stuck in my head for a lil while now

Title: The Only Exception
Artist: Paramore
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The Story So Far - Stifled


Your butt is nice but it would be nicer if it was on my lap

"There is one scene in the book where Gus goes to a gas station, and he tries to buy a pack of cigarettes because it’s the only way he can assert his own independence after becoming very sick. He [Ansel] did that scene so much justice, and he brought his all. It was midnight when we filmed it, and he just sat there and lost it for hours. I was just sort of in awe." - Shailene Woodley

Title: Up And Over We Go
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
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when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

When it occured to us that “said” implies a direct quote, while “was like” clarifies that you mean to communicate the person’s tone and general point without quoting them word for word.

Title: She Did A Lot of Acid (Long)
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
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